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Couple rire


After a breakup I Preferred rather than going to a dating site to use Mazaltov me to find someone who suits me . For me it was essential that it be Jewish like me . The desire to start a family based on the same values. I found one who is now my husband through Mazaltov and after six months in the agency. We expect our first baby . Aline and Robert settled in New york Usa

Couple de mariage


Even our small age difference Mazeltov insisted that I should know Samuel , it absolutely matched what I aspired , friendly, humorous somewhat extroverted , attentive but very serious when necessary ... we saw an incredible joy , I pray every day to keep it that way ...Ingrid

témoignage Mazaltov agence matrimoniale juive


Single from a small town in the Usa , I wondered how where to meet a Jewish man to start a family . I tried a few unsuccessful applications . I then contacted international Mazeltov . They understood and publish directly after I entered to meet a boy who lives in New York. We had a lightning strike, we got married a few months later . We expect the arrival of our first child. Today I am a happy and fulfilled woman. Thank you Mazeltov international marriage agency .

témoignage agence matrimoniale juive Mazaltov international


 I decided to leave Paris to bring my children settled in Israel , always being with people close it was difficult for me to meet new people . I appealed to Mazaltov to whom I entrusted my search . Meet a man who has the desire to share moments of happiness, to travel, to enjoy life . I found it thanks to the hunter service Mazaltov hearts . His name is Ya'akov Israeli divorced and takes good care of me. MYRIAM ex Parisienne become Israeli . Mazaltov thank you to the team and I will recommend you

agence matrimoniale juive Mazaltov témoignage


There are two different years, I decided to call Mazel Tov personal conviction . In Paris I met the same people every time , I wanted to start a family and our destinies have crossed through Mazeltov I met the now my husband and the love of my life , too .... we lived in Paris a few kilometers from each other without ever being crossed . Sandra



We spent years unsuccessfully on dating sites , meetings were unsuccessful and people corresponded not.The more fun is that we were registered on the same site. We addressed each of our side to Mazeltov . After we saw some time we knew we were made ​​for each other . Without Mazeltov we would not be together.

témoignage agence rencontres juive Mazaltov inernational Paris, New York, Bruxelles


Who says you can start over at our age ? We lived on our own and one day Mazeltov through our destinies are crossed , we will certainly not get married because of our age, but we share so much more .... thousand thank you to Mazeltov



Passing Mazeltov , my approach has allowed me to meet people with a similar inclination to mine , facilitating relationships and can address all the issues that we have in common . Luck playing , I met the person I dreamed forever. Love has invaded us , Leah share his personality has opened my horizons We live a great happiness , like twenty


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