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Mazaltov Premier Jewish Matchmaking all around the world

We have the experience, knowledge, reputation and resources

You are selective and want a man of quality, with great character who is mentally and financially stable.
You are attractive, classy, educated and professional. You appreciate being treated well and enjoy old fashioned courtship,
Men are attracted to you and you have no problems being asked out on dates. However, sometimes it can be challenging to attract men  who are ready for a genuine commitment.

Our female members are beautiful inside and out, poised and emotionally stable. They have a lot to offer and are selective about the type of men they want to share their lives with. They are sincere about finding meaningful and lasting relationships.

 Mazeltov male clients are incredible individuals who are educated, handsome, successful, kind and interesting. They want to meet someone of the same caliber. They are interested and focused on finding their significant other.

Mazeltov was built upon moral values, with integrity and confidentiality at its core.
Each member is serious about meeting their life partner and our distinctive matchmaking service offers individualized, one-on-one introductions based on compatibility, shared values and common interests.


You have worked very hard at achieving great success and financial security.

You are selective and have the need for extreme privacy.

You do not have a problem meeting beautiful women, however you are looking for the right one to compliment your life and build a future with.

Our male members are ready for a commitment and are seeking ladies who are , sincere and educated. They are not interested in internet dating or some meaningless bar or club scene and place high value  their personal lives, time and the matchmaking experience.

As a member of Mazeltov, you will only be represented  by our selected team. This way the matchmaking system is more efficient and can be fine tuned to get you to the right beautiful lady.

 Our distinctive matchmaking service offers individualized introductions that are carefully hand picked based on compatibility, shared values and common interest.


Premier Membership gives you access to Mazaltov International for a fixed term of 1 year. A search based on our customer file as well as a "hunter of hearts" search limited to 3 requests. 6 effective meetings minimum guaranteed, personalized follow-up basic coaching including local, national research.


Exclusive membership gives you access to Mazaltov International for a fixed duration of 1 year + option break. A search based on our client file, our matchmaking alliance partners and an unlimited "hunter of hearts" search. A minimum of 6 effective guaranteed meetings, the unlimited break option, a personalized follow-up, a basic coaching included a local search and limited to the Europe of the Schengen area and Israêl


Vip is exclusively for a high profile and demanding client. The Vip clientele is followed only by Walter Benjamin. VIP customers are given special attention depending on their profiles and wishes. A guaranteed membership until the meeting of the desired person. The number of meetings is unlimited, an extremely picky search based on our file, our matchmaking alliance partners and an unlimited search hunter hearts. Personalized coaching as well as global research. Private Membership is a bespoke service. An estimate is required to satisfy the services.

The membership to Mazaltov Usa is subject to a quote on request, our network in the USA is mainly oriented to Los Angeles, New York, Miami our offices in the USA is in Los Angeles California.
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